Welcome to the Shoreline Sailing Club!

2020 Commodore’s Message 

Happy New Year!

It is an honor to begin work as your 2020 Commodore, and I’m proud of the team that was elected to serve the club.  We have a busy and exciting year ahead, and with many challenges come many opportunities for members to get involved.  The team is already showing great collaborative efforts toward the lofty goals we have for our organization.

Your 2020 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs are:

* Maureen Evelyn, Commodore

* Jeff Wilkins, Vice Commodore

* Elaine Ruffino, Treasurer

* Nancy Briggett, Secretary

* Karolyn Nicolaides, Past Commodore

* Howard Brown, Board Member at Large

* Barbara Kleefeld, Board Member

* Brad Ficken, Membership Chairperson

* Les Hyatt, Fleet Captain

* Lisa Barbaro, Communications Chairperson

* Paula McCabe, Social Chairperson

Toni Andrews, Docksides

Robb Evans, Webmaster

TBA 40th Anniversary Celebration Activities 

TBA By-Laws Review Committee Chair

* Board Member

Thank you for entrusting the 2020 SSC Board to manage the needs of our membership.  We so appreciate your warm welcome and look forward to a fun year of boating, sailing and activities!

As your Commodore, I always welcome feedback and ideas for improving our club and each member’s experience.  Thank you again for your vote of confidence!

Warmest Regards,

Maureen Evelyn, SSC Commodore


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